Table of Contents

Read by the author, Blair Lewis

Audiobook:  5 hours 53 minutes

Publisher:  Himalayan Institute Press

Language:  English

Part I:  Universal Traits of Happy People

Chapter 1 – The Six Traits of Happy People

Chapter 2 – A Quiet Mind

Chapter 3 – Self-Restraint

Chapter 4 – Endurance

Chapter 5 – Losing Interest in Worldly Charms

Chapter 6 – Free of Conflict

Chapter 7 – Modern Medicine’s Pursuit of Happiness

Chapter 8 – Developing a Personal Philosophy

Chapter 9 – The Five Kleshas: Obstacles to Happiness

Part II:  Techniques for Obtaining Happiness

Chapter 10 – Introduction to Therapy

Chapter 11 – Loving Yourself

Chapter 12 – Prana

Chapter 13 – Hatha for Happiness – Yoga Therapy

Chapter 14 – Rejuvenation Herbs

Chapter 15 – Meditation

Chapter 16 – The Future of Medicine

“Am I happy?”

It’s a powerful question and one that we’ve all asked ourselves. And all of us, at the very core of our being, have a deep longing to answer affirmatively. Guess what? The answer really is “yes.” In this thought-provoking book, Blair Lewis explains that happiness is our natural state. It’s right there, obscured by the desire for possessions, the guilt we heap on ourselves, the need for approval, the constant demands on our time. We don’t “create” happiness; we reveal it. And in the process, we benefit wholly—both spiritually and physically.

Lewis begins by exploring a series of traits that happy people possess: quietude, self-restraint, endurance, disinterest in worldly charms, freedom from conflicts and distractions, and desire for happiness. He then offers a trove of natural tools—from hatha yoga to rejuvenation herbs to meditation techniques—that help us foster these traits in our own lives. Throughout his book, he freely shares his own struggles with the same obstacles that keep most of us from perennial joy. And he urges readers to never give up on the quest to gain mastery over the mind and body.

“Happiness has always been our only pursuit,” he writes. “Through the grace of those who have attained the happiness I sought, I am able to share with you a comprehensive approach to quieting the noise in your body, breath, and mind in a manner that will allow the perennial joy hidden in the deepest recesses of your heart to flow forward. You can and must attain this perennial joy. It is the first and foremost goal of human birth.”

Blair Lewis

For over 40 years Mr. Lewis has been practicing Classical Homeopathy, Ayurveda, herbal medicine and spiritual counseling. As an Integrative Health Professional, he helps people with chronic diseases regain their health, and helps healthy folks stay well and become happier. As the founder of the Alive and Healthy Institute, Blair is a dynamic, insightful speaker and author of five books, including 'The Happiness Revolution.' Blair focuses his time on writing, teaching, consulting businesses, and mentoring individuals worldwide in all areas of health and spirituality.